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A careful evaluation design helps program managers and funders assess progress, identifies barriers and facilitators, determines whether the evidence of progress is valid and reliable, and allows staff to adjust in order to enhance future effectiveness.

We can guide clients in using data and research to develop or improve their programs and help develop a plan for program evaluation.

Design DEI trainings and provide technical assistance to support your organizational goals.



The mission of CRDP is to support organizations to enhance their program evaluation, research design and curriculum development in order to improve programming and policies. We believe that organizations and programs can improve through the application of systematic research and evaluation and the development of effective curriculum approaches.

Client Relationship

CRDP is committed to working collaboratively with our clients to provide high quality and timely customer service. We strive to provide customized, specific solutions that are cost-effective for our clients.

Our Work

We work on projects that are funded by organizations, local, state, or national grants. We are familiar with granting agencies as we seek to develop and execute evaluation designs to service the needs of our clients and funders. Additionally, we provide technical assistance services to organizations to help build their evaluation capacity.

We believe that research and evaluation influences impact.  Our team is committed to improving​ the health of

communities by producing data that our clients can use to inform their solutions.  Consortium provides a range of

expertise and strategies to meet the needs of our clients. 


Our services include: research and evaluation, program and curriculum design. Our collaborative research and

evaluation approach puts community involvement at the forefront. 

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