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Program Evaluation 


Consortium provide a comprehensive evaluation to evaluate programs, policies, projects, and other interventions.


  1. Context Evaluation: This involves evaluating the environmental factors that may affect the program. 

  2. Input Evaluation: This involves evaluating the resources, materials, and personnel used in implementing the program. 

  3. Process Evaluation: This involves evaluating the implementation of the program, intervention, including how it was delivered, how it was received by stakeholders, and whether it achieved its intended outcomes.

  4. Product Evaluation: This involves evaluating the overall impact of the intervention, including its effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability.

Program Design

We work with clients in all stages of program design or planning, to help clarify the desired program outcomes, define the program’s strategy, and determine which processes will best achieve the program’s goals.  We can guide clients in using data and research to develop or improve their programs and help develop a plan for program evaluation. We help clients think through both process and outcome evaluations and incorporate the use of both qualitative and quantitative data.

Modern Architecture

Survey Design, Data Collection,

and Analysis

Data collection throughout the life of the program is crucial to determining the program’s success. Consortium provides support with designing and implementing methods of data collection, and with analyzing the information they yield, including:

  • Online surveys
  • Focus groups
  • Telephone or in-person interviews
  • Impact data such as test scores, graduation rates, program completions, etc.
Modern Architecture

Research and Evaluation design involves deciding which evaluation or research questions you want to answer and determining how to answer these questions. 


A careful evaluation design helps program managers and funders assess progress, identifies barriers and facilitators,  determines whether the evidence of progress is valid and reliable, and allows staff to adjust in order to enhance future effectiveness. We offer support in both the design and the implementation of research and evaluation plans, as well as documenting outcomes and creating reports that may be required for stakeholders, partners, and funders.

Research Study 

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