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Crystal Wash, MBA, M.Ed

Firm Director 

Let’s collect, analyze, and use data to examine the effectiveness and efficiency of your programs.

Crystal Wash oversees CRPD’s quantitative and qualitative research portfolio, learning analyses of datasets and working with partners to examining program and policy impact. Crystal's team brings over ten years of experience working in a variety of organizations helping to strengthen analytics capacity and the use of data to inform decision- making. Their cross- cutting professional experience includes working for education companies and non-profits to develop evaluation designs, impact metrics, and reports for various audiences. 

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Crystal Wash, MBA 

Featured Collaborator

Andrea Brown-Thirston

Specializing in strategic planning, program design and evaluation. Andrea understands the four phases of program design, which includes planning for the learning environment and experience, through conceptualizing change and selecting program activities to bring about desired results.

Andrea has designed programs for nonprofits as well as educational environments. Andrea holds a Ph.D in Curriculum and Instruction from University of Illinois at Chicago. She is the owner and founder of Optimal Learning Solutions.

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