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About Us

     Founded in 2019, Consortium Research and Development Partners (CRDP) is a woman-owned evaluation firm located in Chicago, IL. CRDP is dedicated to working jointly with clients to meet the challenges of developing and sustaining successful programs. Our goal is to help organizations understand their impact and opportunities. We provide the expertise to help you evaluate your government, non-profit, educational or company programs for process, performance and impact. Our consultants and associates have extensive experience in developing evaluation strategies and methodologies designed to provide formative and summative feedback to project managers, program personnel, funders, clients and other key stakeholders.


    CRDP is large enough to employ several experienced evaluators, yet small enough to be highly responsive to our client needs. We’re passionate about using data to demonstrate effectiveness, ensure accountability, and facilitate learning.

Crystal Wash oversees CRPD’s quantitative and qualitative research portfolio, learning analyses of datasets and working with partners to examining program and policy impact.

Crystal has over ten years of experience working in a variety of organizations helping strength analytics capacity and the use of data to inform decision- making. Her cross- cutting professional experience includes working for education companies, non- profits, and as district administrator. She is well- versed in research methodologies from applied research experience that includes developing evaluation designs, establishing impact metrics, developing data collection designs, establishing impact metrics, developing data collection tools, and reporting for various audiences.

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