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Collaborative Model

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Consortium has a collaborative model 

that ensures all partners understand the 

roles and responsibilities of the work

 and can align our goals to each other. 

Consortium gathers and analyzes data through 

a Needs Assessment to determine strengths, 

challenges and areas of growth. 

The needs assessment provides clarity about a 

starting place to begin collaborative work. 

The process of gathering data 

also ensures that all partners 

are communicating the same goals for 

school improvement. 

Consortium develops a scope of services 

described as "Impact Cycles." 

The cycles provides a scope of services 

for a duration of time 

that involves professional development, 

technical assistance and coaching. 

The cycles of development aligns to the 

strengths and challenges 

as indicated on the needs assessment. 

Consortium collaborates with 

our partners to track and monitor 

progress through quarterly alignment meetings to ensure we are reaching our targeted outcomes.

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